2022 Faculty Presentations

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 Team Presentations


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Ashley Saunders, 
Sonya Wesselowski,
Sonya Gordon

communication, reflection, self-directed

Ashlynn Kogut, 
Sharon Matthews

source evaluation; reflection; rubric; online module

Charity Cavazos, 
Catherine Silkwood,
Negin Mirhosseini

Capstone, Mental Health, Exercise, Covid-19, Active Learning

Claire Carly-Miles, Rich Cooper,
Matthew McKinney, Fran Thielman,
Nicole Hagstrom-Schmidt

Curriculum Design; OER (Open Educational Resources); Mentorship; Anti-racist Teaching; Universal Design

Dawson Nodurft, Jonathan Perry, Nathan Valadez, Carlee Garett, Tatiana Erukhimova

Early Intervention, Supplemental Materials, Classroom Culture, Outcomes, Community

Garrett Brogan, Allison Dunn

Capstone Project, LinkedIn, Career Application, Academic Minors

Gloria M. Conover, Heidi Matus, Ian E. Dunne, Sandra Spurlock

Service Learning, Telemedicine, Interprofessional Education Research, Pharmacy-Medicine Collaborative, Social Determinants of Health

Ian Murray, Hannah Bass,
Shourya Kumar, Muhammad N. Akram, James Zhang, Dheeraj Reddy

Mezirow's transformative learning, clinical reasoning, illness scripts, implicit knowledge

Ian Murray,  Paulamy Ganguly, Alex Ramos, Charles Foster, James Zhang

Cardiac cycle, ECG, cardiovascular physiology, co-creation of content, experiential learning

Jean Parrella,  Theresa Pesl Murphrey, Holli R. Leggette, Theresa Pesl Murphrey

instructional design, student learning, visual communication

Jiling Liu,  Sandra Acosta

Transformative learning, technology, graphic novelette, visual instructional plan, English learner

Kaileigh Roan,  Rhonda Rahn

pre-professional; sexual identity; gender identity

Marcia Montague, Jay Woodward

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), Directed Studies, Field Experiences, High-impact Practices

Meagan Shipley, Elisa "Beth" McNeill, Jennifer Evans

Mental Health, Relationships, Connections, Strategies

Rhonda Rahn,  Jay Woodward, Effrosyni Chatzistogianni

global education, high impact practices, study abroad, virtual learning

Paul Keiper,  Wendi Zimmer

Student-teacher connectedness, reflection, assignment building, relationship

Ping Wang,  Joan Mileski

Project-based-learning, live industry problems, powerful experience, reflection, job-ready

Priya Arunachalam, Evan George, Michael Paolini, Pranav Gadangi, Tarek Dawamne, Ian Murray

Assessment, Ethnicity, Race, Medical Education

Radhika Viruru,  Shaun Hutchins

Online instruction; Asynchronous courses; Synchronous interactions; Adult learners; Graduate education

Randy Brooks,  Shawna Thomas

Survey Community Inclusive Pre-Course

Robert Strong,  John Mark Palmer III, Karissa Palmer

active learning, multidisciplinary pedagogy, inclusive instruction, empowering students

Shadi Balawi, Abdelrahman Youssef, Matt Pharr

Conceptual Understanding, Interactive, Hands-on, Retention, Individualized Learning

Shawna Thomas,  Robert Lightfoot

active learning, student-to-student interactions, discussions, perspective taking

Theresa Murphrey,  Christina Esquivel, Audra Richburg, Blake-Ann Fritsch

motivation, student perspective, activity design, teaching environment

Theresa Murphrey,  Danette Philpot, Manuel Pina, Audra Richburg

curriculum, materials, culture, gendered lens, transformational learning

Waqar Mohiuddin, Joanna Tsenn,Carlos Corleto, Jonathan Weaver-Rosen

Teamwork, Professional skills development

Wendi Zimmer,  Paul Keiper

build relationships, implement change, student learning, online, face-to-face

Wendi Zimmer,  Sharon Matthews

instruction, student learning, engagement, lesson planning


 Individual Presentations



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Alisa Isaac

anxiety, empathy, engineering, relationships, burnout

Amanda Davis

expectations, learning environment, adjustments

Anne-Marie Ginn-Hedman

peer learning, student collaboration, physics, engineering, mental health

Catharina Laporte


Charles Patrick Jr

reflection, project based learning, course redesign

Charles Patrick Jr

relationships, inquiry-based learning, Socratic seminar

Charles Peak

Engineering, Diversity, low-stakes

Charlotte A Farris

Emotional intelligence; classroom management; learning environment; emotional awareness

Delaney Ivy

Reflection, authentic assessment, self-awareness

Donna Lee Sullins

Autonomy, Asynchronous, Online, Options, Self-Efficacy

Gwendolyn Inocencio

transformational pedagogy, radical honesty, first-gen, student-centered praxis, self-actualization

Hildi Nicksic

Active Learning, Student Activity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration

Hildi Nicksic

Concept Map, Student Activity, Critical Thinking

Jason Shenoi

Skull, Anatomy, 3D-Printed, Articulated, Teaching

Julie Singleton

Relational pedagogy, holistic learning, place-based education, authentic learning, growth mindset

Karen Farmer

Reflection, Learning, Alternative Assessment, Excellence, Change

Krystal Flores

Service-Learning, Community-Based Learning, High-Impact Teaching, Projects

Leila Belabbassi

Cognitive; Strategies; Experience, Design; Empathy

Mahmoud Shaltout

Comics, journals, reflection, nutrition, undergraduate course, food hygiene, dietary habits

Mahmoud Shaltout

Comics, undergraduates, language acquisition, sciences, undergraduates

Maureen Victoria

instructional aids, teacher preparation, skilled-trades

Negin Mirhosseini

visual, active learning, COVID-19, special topic course

Phapanin Charoenphol

Active learning, polling, In-class demonstration, large class, engagement

Sarah McCorkle

Discussion Boards, Academic Writing, Student Satisfaction, Student Engagement, Innovative Technology

Tonya Shepherd

Online, Scaffolding, Large Classes, Peer-peer Feedback

Wendi Zimmer

5E Model, Instruction, Active Learning, Lesson Creation, Student Centered

Wendi Zimmer

5E Model, Instruction, Active Learning, Lesson Creation, Student Centered

Wendi Zimmer

5E Model, Instruction, Active Learning, Lesson Creation, Student Centered

Wendi Zimmer

5E Model, Instruction, Active Learning, Lesson Creation, Student Centered

Wendi Zimmer

5E Model, Instruction, Active Learning, Lesson Creation, Student Centered

Wendi Zimmer

5E Model, Instruction, Active Learning, Lesson Creation, Student Centered

Yuki Waugh

Relationships, Inclusive Teaching, Reflection, Global Awareness, Teaching and Learning Change

Yuki Waugh

Relationships, Virtual learning Community, Education Abroad, Global Awareness, Teaching and Learning Change