May 4, 2022


2022 Transformational Teaching and Learning Conference

Teaching and Learning Change


Join us as we celebrate and promote a culture of teaching excellence and innovation at Texas A&M University!

The Office of the Dean of Faculties—in partnership with faculty, the Center for Teaching Excellence, and the Office of Academic Innovation, is planning a unique conference to serve the professional development, networking, and mentoring needs of faculty who teach. Instructors and academic staff of all ranks and titles are invited to attend this faculty-focused, university-wide event.

About Transformational Teaching

Transformational teaching acknowledges that learners are not passive, empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge but that they are self-regulating, active co-constructors of knowledge. Transformational teaching uses any method, system, approach, or practice that affects shifts in learners' mindsets and worldviews in an empathetic, caring, cost-effective, and timely manner. Student-centered teaching empowers students to be both engaged and responsible for their own competence in a discipline, exercising the skills necessary to improve their capacity as lifelong learners.

Through a combination of exciting conference activities and various presentation formats, we seek to:

  • Give voice to the everyday excellence of faculty
  • Encourage critical thinking and civil dialogue among faculty and students about learning
  • Feature faculty projects that promote engaging, innovative, and inclusive student experiences
  • H​​onor and showcase faculty recipients of prestigious teaching awards
  • ​Host nationally recognized keynote speakers


José Bowen


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