Call for Proposals

APRIL 29-30, 2020
At and around the Gates Ballroom, Memorial Student Center



The mission of the Transformational Teaching & Learning Conference is to celebrate and promote a culture of teaching excellence and innovation at Texas A&M University.

This call for proposals for the 3rd Annual Transformational Teaching & Learning Conference (TTLC) invites presentation proposals relating to this year's theme, Employing Creativity to Inspire Learning.  Proposals should build upon transparency and equity of voices; invite productive and respectful discussions; advance self-directed and engaged learning; and provide an environment for creative thought and sharing of ideas.

About Transformational Teaching and Learning and Employing Creativity 

Transformational teaching acknowledges that learners are not passive, empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge, but that they are self-regulating, active co-constructors of knowledge. Transformational teaching affects shifts in the learner mindset.  This TTLC will showcase the creativity of instructors, students, or both in the learning context. Proposals should illustrate connections between creativity and the learning experiences you produce.  We envision several topic areas appropriate within this theme. When you submit a proposal you should indicate which topic area is the best fit.

Topic Areas
  • Active Learning & Active Learning Spaces
  • Assessing Complex Learning Experiences
  • Conducting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Designing Inclusive Learning Experiences
  • Innovative Use of Traditional Approaches
  • Interdisciplinary and/or Collaborative Teaching 
  • Immersive Student-Centered Learning Approaches (e.g. design thinking-based, game-based, inquiry-based, project-based, service-based, team-based, travel-based, etc.)
  • Mentoring Methods
  • Technology Enhanced and/or Online Learning Approaches

Presentation Formats
  • Infographic – Engage directly with colleagues in a concept gallery as you display a graphic illustration of plans and/or results for approaches designed to employ creativity to inspire learning  
  • Quick Fire – 5 minutes – 4 minutes to present a few well-practiced slides, 1 minute Q&A
  • Presentation – 25 minutes –  20 minutes describing an approach with 5 minutes Q&A 

Submit a Proposal
  • Proposals will be peer reviewed by the TTLC Program committee and scored according to the rubric.
  • Proposals are due Friday, January 10, 2020. 
  • Notifications of acceptance will be sent by Wednesday, February 19, 2020. 
  • Contact the TTLC Program committee at for more information.